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House parties aren’t going out of style any time soon! If anything, they’re getting cosier, classier and just a whole lot more extravagant. Two Ounces brings to your table the easiest way to mix exquisite cocktails at the comfort of your home.

Bengaluru’s favourite bartender and mixologist Karthik Kumar and Prathik Shetty, Owner of The Reservoire (India’s Largest and Internationally acclaimed Cocktail Bar) are of the opinion that a cocktail enthusiast must be able to enjoy their indulgence anytime, anywhere. This resulted in their brainchild Two Ounces.

What we do

Handcrafted to perfection, Two Ounces offers a range of cocktail mixers that are prepared with the utmost invigorating, yet relatable recipes that incorporate natural ingredients like berries, fruits, edible flowers, herbs and spices. From adapting classic recipes like the mojito, and giving a local twist with jackfruit to taking a cherished Indian flavour such as ‘chai’ and creating a delicious cocktail with it, the launch menu is an exciting mix of classic recipes with some interesting flavours.

Packed in travel size bottles, Two Ounces cocktail mixers are perfect to carry on your vacations. It is also the best answer, when you are looking to spruce up your house parties, allowing people to enjoy their drink, the way they like it.

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